What to Expect During a Lifestyle Photography Session with Mary!

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

What is Lifestyle Photography?

A lifestyle session aims to capture real and raw everyday relationships and connections in a beautiful way. Lifestyle Sessions are a combination of documentary and traditional photography, naturally guiding you through an activity or setting, all while capturing the essence of you and your family, with minimal posing and additional props. My goal is for clients to look back on their images and feel something, and bring back special memories. Maybe it is the kids jumping on your favourite bedspread, the endless snuggles under an old blanket on the couch you spent your evenings on, the toys across the floor, your special fur baby, your favourite walking path, those toothless grins, our precious youth, and all the special interactions that we cherish deeply.

What can we do during our session?

This session is all about you and your loved ones. It can capture you celebrating your engagement, your family, your newborn, or just you being you, in your natural habitat or a location you love! Think of an activity you love; family walks, cooking, baking, or even just you drinking your coffee and chilling, it can be almost anything! Once the activity, or non-activity is planned, during the session you can just relax and enjoy yourselves. I may gently prompt you, ask questions that lead to an interaction, or guide you to good lighting and composition, but you don’t need to overthink it, just be in the moment!

What do we wear?

Lifestyle is about being genuine and authentic. There is no need to go out and buy new outfits (although – any excuse for a new outfit, right?!). Wear the clothes in your cupboard – things you feel relaxed in and comfortable. Keep in mind avoiding logos and fluro colours. I tend to be drawn towards neutrals or soft tones, because I want to keep the focus on the emotion and interaction happening, and compliment the setting with softer tones to not draw attention away. If you and your family are all about loud colors though, discuss and plan with me ahead of time, this is about you! Sometimes a pop of colour in a neutral setting works, and sometimes a lot of colour looks beautiful too.

How can I prepare my home for my session?

Do not stress, your home does not have to be spotless for your session. If you’ve chosen an activity, say baking cookies, just clear out any extra clutter in the kitchen area (you can even shove it in another room.) The great thing about photos is you can only see what’s in the frame! I may ask to move things during the session just to remove distractions. A family session in your home that is not planned around a specific activity will most likely use 2–3 rooms in your home, we can discuss these ahead of time to make sure you’re making the best use of the natural light in your home, but they may likely include your living room, kitchen, and a bed. If it is a newborn session and you have a nursery you are proud of, that will definitely be a part of your session!

How to mentally prepare for your session…

A Lifestyle session should be relaxed. If you are stressed and uncomfortable, it will show, so your biggest job in preparing for your session is to just chill out. Everything does not have to be perfect, even the suggestions above don’t have to be perfect, because if you are relaxed, having fun, and making memories with the people you love, that will overpower everything else.

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