I live in a small town, outside of Peterborough (Ennismore, Ontario). I am a photographer, watercolour painter, professional napper, and the idea of stand up comedy intrigues me. I also love the heck out of my special humans (my fam jam).

Mary Zita Payne

My Photography Motto

My motto: Keep it real, full of humour, and enjoy all the quiet, wild, and "imperfect, perfect" moments.

The way I capture my own family is how I want to capture you and your special humans. Photographs are stories made by living! So, I want all the real and raw dynamics that make your family awesome; the uplifting, crazy and even heartbreaking.  I bring the dorky humour, lots of laughs, easy conversation and leave you with cherished images and kick ass art that showcases your awesomeness. 

"Who am I"

My Photography Journey 

-I am named after both my grandma's 

-I go by Mary, Mary Mayhem, Mare, and will likely answer to Melissa (my identical twins name)

-My hubby and I love our boat ,"vicious"

 -We also love our 18 year old son, Jackson (yes 18,  it blows my mind too), and our free spirited 7 year old daughter, Eliza  (try that for sibling dynamics)

-I love my parents so much, I built my house next door (we call their house the compound) 

- I have always loved art- I freelanced painted for years before discovering photography

-If you see me on the dance floor, you may think I am professional (kidding), or a little wacko (I like to think both). 

-I live for humour and never take myself too serious -basically if I can make your kids laugh at a good fart joke, my life is complete.

My photography business started so organically. Four years ago on July, 2016,  "life" decided to take our family on a roller coaster ride. Our daughter was diagnosed with Cancer and she underwent  2.5  years of chemotherapy treatment. Perspective flew in and everything was  about getting our girl healthy again

My outlet and therapy during this wild ride was photography. From there I became obsessed with documenting the real and raw beauty of "life". Not just ours, but everyone around me. I quickly realized this was something special and I became so busy with it that that I kicked the 9-5 job to the curb and have been having an incredible time photographing every thing and everyone ever since! Also, Our family now; so healthy crazy, full of dry jokes, awesome dance moves, with a sprinkle of family chaos ;).

If you want to get to know the unedited Mare, come give me a follow and throw me a line on my personal account @maryzitapayne (I LOVE NEW FRIENDS). But be ready, its unedited, lol 

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Peterborough, Ontario

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