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 So, you want to know a little more about me? Lets start with my name , Mary Zita Payne,  (I am named after both my wonderful grandma's)! I go by Mary, Mare, Mary Mayhem, and sometimes Melissa (my identical twin sister). I am a lifestyle photographer and artist in the Peterborough area, big old Ennismore, Ontario to be exact.  Art and relationships have always been my jam. When I was growing up, there was always a sketch book or paint brush in my hand.  Even in my old sketches, there was always some connection going on in my picture. As I got older, I kept it up, I even dabbled into the arts in university. I never quit art, even when my chosen career was not hitting the marker on my creative soul, I would still seek out some art form as an outlet.

Four years ago, I realized just how important following your creative path can be. Our daughter was diagnosed with Leukaemia, and for 2.5 years she went through chemotherapy treatment.  My art medium turned into photography. But it was not just an outlet, it became my therapy, my new love and passion.

I love to think that my business started organically, from true love for what I do!   first I  started being asked to photograph some very special loved ones and friends, and eventually I became so busy, that I kicked my 9-5 job to the curb and have been having an incredible time ever since!  


Our family is now healthy, crazy, full of humour, dry jokes, dancing, and a little bit of chaos. It makes it a real and raw fun dynamic. Which in turn leaves me in love with capturing moments in my family’s life - both the uplifting, silly and even heartbreaking - it is actually what kindled my love for creating images that tell the stories, made by living. I LOVE making meaningful connection, it inspires me to capture the real, raw and powerful moments through art, a mindset I bring to every shoot.

When I photograph your family, wedding, or just a simple portrait,  I want you to have so much fun and to fall in love with the process of having your moments captured. I will bring some dorky humour, lots of laughs and easy conversation and leave you with cherished images and art that tell some of your beautiful life story. 

If you want to get to know the unedited Mare, come give me a follow and throw me a line on my personal account @maryzitapayne (I LOVE NEW FRIENDS). But be ready, its unedited, lol 

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